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Sep 11,2020 22:15:41 UTC –

Technology beauty blackhead – not only removes blackheads, deep dermabrasion cleans the skin, it does not cause damage to the skin, it has deep cleansing, reduces oil, relieves the stratum corneum, and improves the skin’s ability to absorb acne from the muscles.
Physical absorption of blackheads – Vacuum negative pore cleaning technology, dredge pores, extract dirt, use vacuum suction principle, alternately flow through the physical front and negative, inhale the blackheads deep in the pores, and the skin achieves a deeper cleaning effect.
Using high-quality special materials, more skin-friendly, main body fuel injection, more wear-resistant, electroplating treatment of adsorption head accessories, humanized design, beautiful and generous.
3 microdermabrasion drills and 3 blackhead drills and various accessories for easy carrying. A bag can be installed at home to make a private beauty SAP.
Equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery, USB charging, bid farewell to no electricity troubles.