Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit (120V)
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Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit (120V)

Sep 16,2020 14:06:56 UTC –

ALL-IN-ONE, ROLL-ON HAIR REMOVAL KIT: From Clean + Easy, comes Waxing Spa Basic Kit. This depilatory set contains every tool you need for the most effective wax possible. It comes complete with all the professional tools such as a Wax Warmer, 3-pack each of large, medium, and small original wax, 1 each of medium, small and fine roller heads, 3-pack of large, medium and small epilating cloth strips, 5 oz. each of remove and restore skin conditioner, Educational DVD, and an Instruction booklet.
FACE AND BODY UNSIGHTLY HAIR WAXING ESSENTIALS: This hair removal system is easy to use and provides a spa-quality wax every time. The wax’s main ingredients help protect, soothe and hydrate the skin throughout the hair removal process. You just pull the strip of wax to remove hair. It’s designed to remove unwanted hair on the face and body including back, arms, legs, underarms, and chest. It works like magic on every skin and hair type, reducing the need for tweezing and clean up!
SMOOTH AND FLAWLESS, HAIR-FREE SKIN FOR WEEKS: Step up your hair removal game with Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit! Perfect wax for thin or stubborn hairs, like the ones from the bikini area and the underarms. Formulated with a blend of natural waxes and Pine Rosins that helps dissolve any dirt and dead skin cells, making sure you don’t get ingrown hairs or blocked pores after waxing. It removes almost all the hairs from a single pass, making your skin, silky smooth and hair-free!
ERGONOMIC, PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: The roll-on system is a mess-free, effortless and faster than your traditional waxing. This roll-on waxing kit is the ultimate starter kit for beginners and popular among regular users as this contains everything you need to practice and perform a complete depilatory service! The wax does not stick to your skin making it unpainful. It’s pretty simple to use, easy and not messy. As easy as shaving, this innovative package requires no experience!
ECONOMICAL, SALON-QUALITY WAXING AT HOME: This kit contains every wax tool you need for the most effective wax possible and achieves the smooth, fresh from the spa feel, without the hassle and high-cost tag of salon services. It does everything you will need to have a salon-like waxing experience at home, plus you can tailor your usage based on your needs. Experience a do-it-yourself complete line of waxing without leaving your home!

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