3D Mink Lashes Hand-made Dramatic Makeup Strip Lashes 100% Siberian Fur Fake Eyelashes Thick Crisscross Deluxe False Lashes Black Nature Fluffy Long Soft 1 Pair Package + Useful Eyelashes

May 25,2020 21:00:10 UTC –

Shopping gift:
A beautiful fake eyelash clip as a shopping gift, The 3D mink lashes can
reusable 15 times or more with nice care. And the mink false lashes is easy to wear. Each
pair of 3D mink false lashes is hand-made by our workers, and made of 100% siberian
mink fur, full strip mink lashes. The band of lashes is thicker and more durability, The hair
is so real and soft, The thickness and curl of the eyelashes is just right.

False Eyelashes Specifications:

1.Lashes Material: 100% Siberian Mink Fur Hair.
2.Package:2 Pair of Full Strip Mink Lashes, 1 practical eyelash clip.


1. All handmade craft full strip lashes
2. Easy to Apply ,Comfortable and Reusable with Proper Care
3. Eyelashes can be trimmed to fit the contour of your eyes
4. Easy to remove by eye makeup remover or tools
5. Can be used for many times if the eyelashes are used and removed properly.

Tips on how to use eye lashes:

1.Carefully remove lashes from the case with clip
2.Compare lashes with your eye line length, trim to suitable length and width if necessary.
3.Add glue along lashes root with cotton bud.
4.Hold lashes on the root of your natural lashes with pressure.

Please keep in mind although this lash is dramatic and beautiful, not everyone can enjoy it especially for those makeup beginners.
So if you are seeking a very natural looking, this may be a little too much. If you happened to buy this but found it too heavy for you,
we accept return and will refund to you but you should keep the package well.

*2.EASY TO WEAT: Easy to Apply and Remove, REUSABLE 15 times or more with nice care
*3.DRAMATIC LOOK: Suitable for party or professional application like wedding, event, photo shoot, night out, daily daytime Use.
*4.HIGH-QUALITY: 3D Mink Double Layer Full Strip Mink Eyelashes Made of 100% siberian mink fur, full strip mink lashes, Each pair of our 3D lashes are hand-made by our workers.
*5.FULL AND FLUFFY: The band thicker more durability. The hair is so real and soft, The thickness and curl of the eyelashes are just right.ashes Package: 1 pair of strip mink lashes with luxury logo box, practical eyelash applicator

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